The therapeutic power of music cannot be overstated in reference to the cognitive health and overall sense of wellbeing experienced by my senior patients. Through the singing of familiar songs, clients are given the opportunity to sing along, provoking both memories and conversation. Such memory activation ignites the part of the brain that governs and restores communication, allowing for expanded connection and often a profound sense of joy. Patients dealing with dementia or Alzheimer are positively impacted and research shows that music therapy has the ability to successfully lower a patient’s heart rate, decrease cortisol levels, steady their breathing and release endorphins such as serotonin. The simple gesture of singing lullabies to my clients as they receive therapeutic massage allows them to further soothe into relaxation. The combination of massage and music can be so comforting that patients are often lulled to sleep. It is my belief that everyone, whether they be a child, adult, senior or a patient approaching the end of his or her life can benefit from such healing tenderness and loving care.