Therapeutic Senior Massage • Palliative Massage


Therapeutic senior massage

During Therapeutic Senior Massage, I support my clients in the privacy and comfort of their own homes to enter a deep state of relaxation, healing and rest.  During these sessions, patients are free to go directly to sleep afterwards - without having to transfer off of a table, to dress or use transportation. Benefits of Therapeutic Senior Massage include pain relief, medication reduction, sleep support, circulation, cognition, and emotional wellbeing. 

therapeutic palliative massage

Therapeutic Palliative Massage is offered to patients dealing with end-of-life circumstances. This is a sensitive and delicate time and Therapeutic Palliative Massage provides relief from pain and from the physical, mental, and emotional stress that often results from a terminal illness or difficult medical diagnosis. Therapeutic Palliative Massage is highly effective in reducing emotional anxiety, tension, and stress. Patients will sleep better, rest deeper, and will experience greater comfort. 

end of life coaching

As a trained life coach, I am skilled at engaging in powerful conversations that support clients in creating their end of life vision. Clients are guided through the process of reviewing their life and legacy, and tending to their significant relationships they are introduced to reconciliation, compassion and forgiveness practices. I work with clients to connect bodily sensations with deeper insights that reveal their beliefs and attitudes about the world, their families, pain, grief, death, and spirituality. 

senior care consultation

Through a Senior Care Consultation, caregivers will expand their knowledge of successful quality-of-life measures, including the many benefits of senior and palliative massage. Consultations include discussions centered around developing solutions for senior and palliative care and the importance of therapeutic massage.

music therapy

The therapeutic power of music cannot be overstated in reference to the cognitive health and overall sense of wellbeing experienced by senior patients. Research shows that music therapy can successfully lower a patient’s heart rate, decrease cortisol levels, steady breathing, and release endorphins such as serotonin. It is my belief that everyone, whether they be a child, adult, senior or a patient approaching the end of his or her life can benefit from the healing powers of music therapy.  

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